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Say goodbye to the cone

Purrguard® is a post-surgical therapeutic suit for cats and was designed to create an alternative to the e-collar that can be trusted by animal health professionals.

what are the benefits?

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For Happy Kitties

Its unique design makes it safe and comfortable to wear and offers superior protection to the abdominal surgery site from dirt, infections and interference of the site whilst maintaining maximum mobility, sense of direction and hearing. Your cat can eat or drink normally, causing less stress on the animal. Purrguard® gives pet owners the peace of mind that the delicate healing process is on track.

Less Stress = Faster Recovery

Purrguard® takes the stress out of your cat’s recovery time, providing superior comfort and warmth and secure protection of the wound site for faster healing. Veterinarians recommend Purrguard®.

100% Friendly to your cat

Purrguard® allows your cat to move freely, unobstructed from its daily routine due to its snug, comfortable fit. Its soft, light-weight fabric is breathable and non-toxic.

Wash Me, Re-use Me

Purrguard® is fully re-usable. It can be machine-washed on a gentle cycle, but ideally hand-washed separately to prevent cross-contamination. To prolong the life of the garment, please do not tumble-dry.

Cones Are For Ice Cream

Cones are for ice-cream, Purrguard® offers a much better alternative to the plastic e-collar with many added features. Your cat will thank you for choosing Purrguard®.

If cats could make their own suits…

They would have designed Purrguard®, and here are some of the reasons why.

Easy Wound Inspection opening

Hook and loop side closure of the abdominal panel allows inspection of the wound site and change of dressing if needed.

Breathable Side MEsh Panels

Breathable mesh side panels enable air to circulate around the animal for healing, comfort and cooling while they wear the garment.

Adjustable back closure 

Back closure with special fur-resistant hook and loop fastening which allows three settings of size adjustment.

Reflective strip Built in

Extra safety from the reflective strip allows for better night time visibility. 

ID Tag

Allows you to attach your cat’s ID details.

Built in leash fastener

Attach the free leash to transform your Purrguard® into a super-secure walking harness.

Want to know more?

A bit about us

Purrguard® was born in January 2019 out of a need to protect our own two cats after spaying surgery. Rather than torture them with the dreaded cone of shame, we developed this multi-functional post-surgery garment for their recovery.

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Hear what people have to say 

I discovered Purrguard® at the Cat Lovers Show in Melbourne last November. It couldn’t have come at a better time as my cat Karma was being spayed that day. Put the Purrguard® on her when I picked her up from the vets and she was quite happy to wear it during her recovery from the operation. Beats the head cone any day!

Tanya from Footscray

We bought a Purrguard® at the Cat Lovers Show as we are shortly moving into an inner city apartment with our cat, which means we will lose our garden. As we still want to be able to take Zorro outside we purchased Purrguard® as we felt that having a walking harness covering all the legs would make it more secure than other types of harnesses.

Ron and Karen from Frankston

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