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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i know which size my cat is?

To check for sizes, please refer to our size chart and fitting guide. We currently offer three sizes: small, medium and large which cover most sizes of cat breeds. However, the back closure allows for three different size settings to accommodate thinner or heavier cats.

why does my cat tip over/lie down when I put the suit on?

This is what some refer to as Costume Induced Sideways Cat Instability Syndrome (CISCIS) and if your cat has not been trained to tolerate the wearing of costumes, it will react this way when you put clothes on them for the first time which makes them feel like their movement is restricted. So they either freeze to the spot or fall over because they feel like they cannot walk or move. Cats will adjust to wearing a suit in their own time. We have had different reaction times from our trials, some adjust within minutes, others take a bit longer. Persevere, putting on a suit will not do any harm to your cat.

How tight does it need to be on the cat?

Our product has been designed for a snug fit. When applying the suit, ensure that it is not loose around the leg openings. Adjustments for tightness or looseness can be made using the hook and loop fastening strip on the back closure.

Can i use purrguard® on my dog?

Purrguard® can be used on small dogs, but be aware that the anatomy of a dog is different. Please be aware that you will have to remove the suit for male dog urination. However, as Purrguard® takes only seconds to remove and fit, this should not be a big problem.

Is purrguard washable and reusable?

Yes, Purrguard® is machine washable on a cold delicate cycle, however, we recommend to hand wash it separately to prevent cross-contamination with other garments and also to prolong the life of the suit. Compared to the single use function of the e-collar, which creates plastic waste, we have designed Purrguard® to have multiple functions. Please refer to our One Purrguard®, Loads of Jobs section.

do all cats tolerate wearing purrguard®?

We have found that all cats we have trialled using Purrguard® were very tolerant of the suit. However, there may be extreme cases where your cat will object to it. If this is the case after you have purchased a Purrguard®, please do contact us for a refund.

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