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We are not currently selling directly online. We plan on it in the near future, but until then we are handling all orders using the contact form below. 

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Hear what people have to say 

I discovered Purrguard® at the Cat Lovers Show in Melbourne last November. It couldn’t have come at a better time as my cat Karma was being spayed that day. Put the Purrguard® on her when I picked her up from the vets and she was quite happy to wear it during her recovery from the operation. Beats the head cone any day!

Tanya from Footscray

We bought a Purrguard® at the Cat Lovers Show as we are shortly moving into an inner city apartment with our cat, which means we will lose our garden. As we still want to be able to take Zorro outside we purchased Purrguard® as we felt that having a walking harness covering all the legs would make it more secure than other types of harnesses.

Ron and Karen from Frankston

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